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Commercial RO Plant
Commercial RO plants are formulated for separating dissolved contaminants and harmful chemicals from the water. Our offered products force water through a membrane for the purification process. Commercial RO plants make the water safe for drinking and other applications. 
FRP RO Plant

FRP RO plants are installed in industries for removing impurities and contaminants from the water. These are ideal for wastewater treatment, reclamation of dissolved minerals, desalination and concentration of contaminants. FRP RO plants have a compact structure and high durability.

Sewage And Water Treatment Plant

Sewage and water treatment plants can be found in industries like automobile, pharmaceutical, paper, food processing, textile, dye, dairy and more. These are employed for eliminating contaminants from sewage. Sewage and water treatment plants reduce water pollution and keep the environment clean.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant
Packaged drinking water plants are helpful in treating the water and making it healthy for drinking. These are designed for producing and filtering packaged water bottles. Packaged drinking water plants turn the raw water into drinkable and safe water. 
Effluent Treatment System
Industrial effluent treatment systems treat wastewater for reuse. These are highly efficient, versatile and durable. Our offered products remove high number of debris, grit, dirt, polymers and other pollutants from the water. Industrial effluent treatment systems are applicable for industries. 

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